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Cleanplant offers Green Globe solar design

February 10, 2015 10:10 am Category: Latest News, Solar A+ / A-
Cleanplant is offering a member only tailor-made solar deal

Cleanplant is offering a member only tailor-made solar deal

Tourism sustainability certification organisation Green Globe has certified sustainability advisors Cleanplant, naming the Germany-based company, a sustainable service supplier.

Cleanplant tailors advice for hotels, resorts and other enterprises on the installation and maximisation of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems.

Cleanplant have announced a free Solar Power Analysis study for Green Globe members valued at US$500. The Cleanplant package will include analysis of the property’s current consumption and needs, a solar system design which takes into account, and an analysis of the system cost and financial savings.

According to Green Globe, hotels and resorts implementing a Cleanplant solar solution would meet Green Globe’s Certification Criteria D.1.3.4. and D.1.3.5. (Clean energy), and D.1.1.6. (responsible service supplier)

Electricity costs and dependence on the local energy supplier can be lowered to around 75 per cent

Aesthetical appearance of the premises will be preserved

Cleanplant takes care of any guarantee compliance with current local regulations

Cleanplant uses German engineering and installs systems worldwide on villas, hotels, and commercial and industrial facilities.

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