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Tourism Cares to Focus Support in Myanmar

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Tourism Cares, a philanthropic channel for the travel industry that aims to protect and restore tourism destinations, has announced its Global Impact Portfolio, which together with Egypt, will include Myanmar in its funding prioritization.

“Egypt and Myanmar need our philanthropy and partnership, almost as much as our business,” said Mike Rea, CEO of Tourism Cares.
“The time to engage is now. We can do much more together, as an industry, to ensure these vital, extraordinary places are intact for the future and are engines of pride and prosperity for all. We must act responsibly today.”

According to a Tourism Cares release, around three million tourists are expected to arrive in Myanmar in 2015. The Tourism Care’s mandate will see the organisation support heritage, assist in the development of skills to the country’s at-risk youth, invest is social businesses, and participate in the dialogue surrounding corporate social responsibility and tourism.

Reports from the World Bank, suggest that 32 per cent of Myanmar’s children aged under five are malnourished. The World Bank also identifies the county’s GDP per capita at around $800 to $1,000 for the 60 million Myanmar residents.

By 2020, international travellers entering the country are expected to total around 7 million.

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