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TFE Hotels and TEDxSydney to design hotel of the future

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Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport

Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport

Sydney-based hotel company TFE Hotels is launching an innovative plan to engage the TEDxSydney speakers and community to help design “the hotel of tomorrow” at the famous speaker forum at Sydney Opera House on 25 May 2016.

TEDxSydney this year is offering its commercial partners the opportunity to tap into the event’s unique curated audience for broader research and engagement.

TFE Hotels is leading the charge in this respect among the hotel industry by engaging a group of TEDxSydney’s keenest minds in an innovation session during the one-day program – among them a biomedical engineer and a neurogame designer.

TFE Hotels’ vision of the hotel of 2020 will be one where connectivity, social interaction, comfort, wellbeing and safety are taken to the next level – asking TEDx attendees to shape how that evolves.

TFE Hotels CEO Rachel Argaman said the session would delve deep into what the modern traveller truly desired from their hotel experience and would inform meaningful change around how the company designed future hotel experiences.

“TEDxSydney shows that people want to be part of big ideas and to feel a sense that their desires and their intellects are helping to shape the future of Australia. At TFE Hotels we are pushing boundaries in hotel service and design and TEDx is the perfect forum to drive that.”

At last year’s TEDxSydney sessions, TFE launched its Travel Secrets campaign, designed to ask the TEDx community to uncover what travellers value and gain insights into the inspiration behind traveller’s behaviour.

“This year it is about disrupting the hotel experience from within – have the community become a part of redesigning the travel experience of tomorrow,” Ms Argaman said. “At the end we’ll have guest experiences that we can model and test on modern day travellers.”

This is the seventh year the global TEDx phenomenon will be hosted in Sydney, with last year’s one-day speaker event attracting 4,000 guests to the Sydney Opera House and 10,000 people to satellite events worldwide, while 25,000 tuned into its live stream and millions watch online.

This month, those unable to attend the talks in Sydney can be part of the TEDxSydney experience from a vantage point in the nation’s capital – the cool new design hotel turning airport stays on their heads, Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport.

This is Canberra’s only public venue to watch TEDxSydney’s one-day-only talks via live-streamed video.

“This is the next best thing to being at TEDxSydney,” said TFE Hotels CEO Rachel Argaman. “Your Vibe Hosts welcome you to drop in during the day, enjoy the delicious locally inspired menus at Helix Bar & Grill, soak up the atmosphere of the day and connect with other engaged minds.

“TEDx satellite events are a great way to share the spirit of the talks in Vibe Hotels, to bring people together and create a sense of community and connection.”


Sydney Opera House

Thursday 25th May 2016

Time: 9am – 4pm

Watch the Ted Talks live via video stream at the new Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport or here.

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