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Templeberg Villa Galle aids turtle conservation

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A crowdfunding effort between Templeberg Villa in Galle Sri Lanka is underway to raise funds for the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation (KSTC) Project.

A target of $5,000 has been set to assist the Kosgoda Project to offer protection for sea turtles, and to educate individuals about their conservation needs. Around seven per cent of the target has been achieved to date, with the fundraising continuing through to the end of July.

As the world celebrates World Environment Day and World Oceans Day this month, the Templeberg Villa is looking to the public to achieve their funding goal.

The KSTC Project, which commenced in 1988, aims to monitor local sea turtle activity and buy back turtle eggs otherwise headed to local markets and conserve turtles’ local nesting sites.

A decade after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami wiped out the KSTC Project’s hatchling centre – when 200 adult sea turtles disappeared – the hatchery facility has been lovingly rebuilt, and with the help of volunteers once again is breeding sea turtles and restoring the turtles natural beach habitat.

Mr Dudley Perera, founder of the KSTC Project and a Tsunami survivor, spoke of the project’s success.

“Since 1988, the project has released more than 10,000 turtles into their natural environment.

“The KSTC Project takes particular pride in its contributions to Sri Lanka’s biodiversity,” said Mr Perera.

Templeberg Villa co-owner Brent Carey spoke of the hotel’s involvement with the KSTC Project.

“Partnering with the KSTC Project and investing in its biodiversity program, particularly in its turtle hatchling efforts, is a logical way for Templeberg Villa to make a contribution.”

“Many conservation efforts in developing countries such as Sri Lanka rely heavily on grassroots activities and the support of private donations. Every dollar counts”, said Mr Carey.

To sponsor the KSTC Project for World Turtle and World Sea Turtle Day visit www.wildlifevolunteercrowdfunding.com or  www.templeberg.com


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