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Tasmanian devils get award-winning attention

February 27, 2015 5:00 pm Category: Australia & New Zealand, Biodiversity, Latest News A+ / A-
Tasmanian devils need your help

Tasmanian devils need your help

Australia’s multi award-winning Saffire Freycinet hotel has announced its hands-on support to help save the Tasmanian devil.

The Tasmania-based luxury hotel has joined forces with he University of Tasmania’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research in the Save The Tasmanian Devil Program (STDP). The efforts by the resort will also include an interactive experience offered to guests of the sustainable hotel.

Tasmanian devils developed the painful and usually fatal Tasmanian Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD), a rare contagious cancer that is threatening the survival of the devils. during the 1990’s. In 2008, the population of devils in Tasmania had reduced so significantly that the government declared the marsupials to be endangered. One effort to increase population numbers and combat the disease is to raise healthy devils in isolated captivity.

Saffire has set aside a hectare of natural bushland to create an open-range Tasmanian devil enclosure. Hotel guests will be led by a knowledgable guide to get up close to a resident number of Tasmanian devils and observe the marsupials not found anywhere else in the world. Guides will offer insight into the habits of the largest carnivorous marsupials in the world, and also speak of the efforts being made to find a cure for DFTD.

Hotel guests can also participate in a visual health inspection of the resorts devil population. Insight into how to recognise individual devils and identify their health using remote camera imagery will also be be shared.

Saffire Freycinet has recently received TripAdvisor’s Top Luxury Hotel in Australia award, and has been named Best Overall Boutique Hotel in the World by the World Boutique Hotel Awards.

Click on the video link on this page to view Tasmanian Devils in their protected (but spectacularly beautiful) Saffire Freycinet home.

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