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Sofitel So Bangkok embarks on food waste program

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Too delicious and too precious to waste

Too delicious and too precious to waste

Sustainability optimisation firm, LightBlue Consulting and Sofitel So Bangkok have partnered in a food waste program has saved more than 6,500kg of food being wasted.

Around 33 percent (or 1.3 billion tons) of food produced for human consumption each year is wasted.

In an effort to reduce food wastage and improve environmental sustainability, Sofitel So Bangkok joined forces with Bangkok based LightBlue Environmental Consulting in a Food Waste Prevention Program.

Within weeks of introducing the program, the hotel began seeing significant in food waste prevention. Benefits were also experienced in reduced food costs and practices in departments such as Kitchen and F&B. Sofitel So Bangkok plan to continue the food waste practices in the future.

Although slightly sceptical at first, Accor VP Operations Luxury Brands S-E Asia, Gilles Cretallaz was soon persuaded by LightBlue on the merit of the program.

“I was not 100% convinced in the beginning. LightBlue Environmental Consulting had to convince me first, and the project was then presented to the owner of the hotel who understood immediately the potential benefits,” said Cretallaz.

The project team audited food wastage over a full week, from spoilage and preparation to guests. Hotel staff were asked to sort, weigh, define and record food waste throughout the day and night at food waste generation locations of the hotel, resulting in a food waste baseline performance level.

“At first I thought it was complicated and wasting our working time. We did not understand why we had to separate food waste. But then we received training about what were our mistakes in the past. Now before I throw something away I think twice whether the item could be used again or not” said a First Kitchen Agent Culinary of the Sofitel So Bangkok.

“We went through a lot of changes together with LightBlue and hard work for recording food waste and make chefs and staff change the way they perceive the food and treat the food” added Paul Smart, Culinary Designer at the Hotel.

Benjamin Lephilibert, Founder and MD of LightBlue Environmental Consulting anticipates that hotels implement more control over food wastage in the future.

“Within 5 to 10 years, most major hotel chains will understand the true cost of food wastage and will be controlling their food waste much more carefully,” he said.

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