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Six Senses Laamu Supports Manta Ray Project

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Manta Ray

Six Senses Laamu has partnered with Ocean Dimensions to become a regional partner of the Manta Trust and supporter of the Maldivian Manta Ray Project (MMRP).

The threat to manta ray’s has increased to the point of the species being listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2011 – a consequence of a demand for the Manta Ray’s gill rakers, which are used to filter plankton, and is used in Traditional Asian Medicines.

The MMRP’s aim is to collect data on the biology, ecology and population of manta rays throughout the Maldivian archipelago in a conservation effort. Six Senses Laamu and Ocean Dimensions have been identifying manta rays to the MMRP since 2012.

Six Senses Laamu general manager, Marteyne Van Well said, “Six Senses Laamu continually strives towards conserving the environment and protecting vulnerable marine species. This exciting new partnership allows the resort to be part of and support the research of the Manta Trust.”

The MMRP is a UK registered charity, whose vision is “a sustainable future for the oceans where manta rays thrive in healthy, diverse marine ecosystems.” The group has identified more than 3,000 individual manta rays in the Maldives since its establishment in 2005.

Local diving spot, Hithadhoo Corner has presented the group with one of the finest locations for manta ray observation in the Maldives. Fifty unique manta rays have been observed in the Laamu atoll, with two individuals being sighted, which have not been sighted in other atolls.

According to Six Senses Laamu, the resort is committed to the environment and developing sustainable, marine-related, guest activities. Since its inception in 1995, the resort has pioneered sustainable environmental practices in the region.

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