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Shangri-La Hotel launches 100pc green dinners

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Shangri-La Hotel, Paris Executive Chef Christophe Moret launches the vegetarian "100% Green Dinners"

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris Executive Chef Christophe Moret launches the vegetarian “100% Green Dinners”

“One hundred percent Green Dinners” will be launched at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris.

On the first Thursday of each month, the hotel’s Asian and French inspired restaurant, La Bauhinia will host a series of “100 per cent Green Dinners”. A special five-course vegetable-focused menu will be featured during the dinner series, each month inviting one of the hotel’s exceptional French market purveyors to meet with diners. The restaurant, inspired by Asia’s bauhinia flower, will be transformed by a nature-inspired decor makeover.

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris Executive Chef Christophe Moret has been cultivating his nature-driven cuisine since his arrival at the hotel earlier this year. As the grandson of a market gardener, it was natural for him to imagine a “Rooted in Nature” menu that placed vegetables at the forefront without sacrificing taste and pleasure. Guided by values that are dear to his heart – freshness, local, transparent, and ethical – the chef will create each Thursday a different green menu full of vibrant and complex flavours such as Tomato Bloody Mary and Spring Rolls made from watermelon stuffed with soup herbs; Kasha and Green Vegetables En Cocotte with almond milk; Turnips and Red Beetroots roasted in a wood-burning oven and Tofu Ravioli with borsch vinaigrette; Strawberries scented with Sangria, and coconut and lime sorbet.

To accompany this unique menu, Head Sommelier Cédric Maupoint has chosen wines produced through biodynamic agriculture, specific teas, coffees and non-roasted cocoa beans, all hand-picked and distributed through fair-trade channels. Even the choice of sugar has been carefully considered, with Panela produced from organic sugar cane, agave syrup and coconut sugar.

The cocktail menu receives an energy boost with the addition of a shot of cucumber, kale, celery and ginger juice.

During the series, Shangri-La Hotel, Paris’ suppliers will join the events to meet La Bauhinia’s customers. Each month, a market gardener, wine grower or farmer will explain his approach and how the seasons affect his work while also learning about the preferences and tastes of La Bauhinia’s diners. By creating an opportunity for dialogue between the farmers, the chefs, and the restaurant’s patrons, Chef Moret hopes to highlight the extraordinary quality, variety and taste of France’s vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

“One Hundred percent Green Dinners” next even till be held on Thursday, July 9.

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