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Shanghai Green Air Hotel wins in Las Vegas

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Green Air Hotel - It breathes as you sleep

Green Air Hotel – It breathes as you sleep

The Shanghai concept property, Green Air Hotel has won the Radical Innovation Competition in Las Vegas.

Designed by the Shanghai-based designer Lip Chiong from Studio Twist, the concept uses greenhouse gardens within the hotel interior, a design element described as planting “green lungs”. The plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, effectively cleaning the air.

The design concept offers some solution to the health issues in China due to air pollution.

John Hardy, CEO of The John Hardy Group and founder of the Radical Innovation Competition said, “They have this huge problem with air pollution, where the air pollution is five times as bad as the EPA recommends is healthy or safe.”

“Green Air proposes a realistic answer to a serious urban challenge,” he added.

Currently China requires hotels to pump air into buildings for health reasons, but the outcomes don’t necessarily offer the desired result.

“They’re pumping toxins into the building and the interior air is actually worse than what’s outside because they keep accumulating higher and higher levels of toxins inside the building that can’t escape,” Mr Hardy said.

Mr Hardy described the concept as being feasible and executable, and offers a solution that is needed urgently.


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