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Ritz Kids add environmental entertainment

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The Ritz Kids entertainment program has gone environmental

The Ritz Kids entertainment program has gone environmental


Ritz-Carlton Bahrain has unveiled its family activities and holiday packages, which will feature amongst other offerings, a children’s cultural and environmental program with a focus on sustainability.

The Ritz Kids program is aimed at children aged between 4 and 12 years, and offers parents a break with the knowledge that their children are developing new skills and interests. Each day, the program focuses on one of the four pillars of Ritz Kids:

Water: Emphasizes the importance of sea life and health.

Land: Encourages exploration and discovery.

Environmental Responsibility: Promotes the environmental health of our planet for the future.

Culture: Exposes young minds to a variety of art forms, including music, local customs and history, as well as cuisine.

Ritz Kids has an exclusive partnership with Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society, and taps into Cousteau’s unique environmental expertise. Cousteau’s vision is to educate the community about how the planet works and how we can protect it. Ritz Kids offers children fun activities that educate by fostering their innate love of discovery and sense of curiosity.

Through the program, children are exposed to an array of environmentally focused experiences that foster interaction with the world in which they live. The diverse content is tailored specifically to intrigue and thrill bright young minds.

Activities within the program vary from experiences such as camelback rides to cuisines. Ritz Kids creates an environment where children can discover a personal connection, respect and appreciation for the environment, triggering a passion for the environment that will remain for the rest of their lives.

As Jean-Michel Cousteau says, “All kids start out as scientists, constantly asking ‘Why? What’s that? How does it work?’” Ritz Kids resort experiences tap into that innate curiosity by introducing our youngest guests to both the natural wonders and the rich cultural traditions of our resort locations. Immersive and adventurous, the resort experiences provide your child with enthralling activities to reward their interest in the beauty and workings of the world we live in. With a diverse collection of activities based on the four pillars of the program – water, land, environmental responsibility and culture – kids are swept away by everything from coral reefs and forests, to recycling and sustainability, storytelling, art and even food.

The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Ritz Kids Camp will be held between January 16 and February 14.

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