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Rezidor Hotels joins UN Water Mandate

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Rezidor has joined the UN CEO Water Mandate

Rezidor has joined the UN CEO Water Mandate

Rezidor Hotel Group has become the only hospitality company to join the United Nations led UN CEO Water Mandate.

The UN CEO Water Mandate began in 2007 with the aim of engaging organisations about the impact the production of good and services has on water scarcity and pollution.

Earlier this year, Rezidor joined forces with Grundfos, Purcell Miller Tritton, Studibureau Boydens and tapware manufacturer Grohe to look at water sustainability in the hospitality industry. Aspects such as sustainable design in new builds, property retrofitting, and consumer behaviour and expectations were discussed during the workshop.

Resulting from the talks, Rezidor formed a Water Task Force that will work towards maximising water sustainability from room and building design, to bathroom and kitchen fixtures, pumps and maintenance of the systems.

Rezidor Hotel Group President and CEO, Wolfgang M. Neumann put the urgency of water sustainability into perspective and spoke of the significance of signing the UN CEO Water Mandate.

“UNEP forecasts that if we continue to do ‘business as usual’ in tourism; by 2050 water consumption will multiply by 2.5.

“Rezidor is committed to minimising its environmental footprint with Think Planet program. With our leading position and strong pipeline in the emerging markets, where water scarcity is a big issue, we want to take the lead in Water Stewardship. The UN CEO Water Mandate will help us to achieve this ambition.”

Six water stewardship areas will be tackled by Rezidor including Direct Operations, Supply Chain and Watershed Management, Collective Action, Public Policy, Community Engagement and Transparency.

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