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Radisson Blu launches Walk for Water

April 29, 2015 10:19 am Category: Charity, Latest News, social responsibility, Sustainability, Water A+ / A-
Everyone should have access to fresh, clean water

Everyone should have access to fresh, clean water

Radisson Blu hotels has completed its partnership with “Just a Drop”, which saw three days fundraising activities that added to the international water aid charity’s efforts.

Last week, Radisson Blu hotels around the world held Walk for Water events to raise awareness of the millions of people across the globe that do not have access to safe drinking water

Over the course of three days, Radisson Blu hotels invited guests to walk for roughly ten metres carrying ‘jerry cans’ full of water to illustrate the daily struggle millions of people around the globe face in their efforts to access safe drinking water. For every 100 metres walked, Radisson Blu donated funds to provide one child with safe drinking water for life through Just a Drop.

Through these events, the hotel group expected to provide more than 280 children with access to safe drinking water.

The Walk for Water events take place to celebrate the new global partnership with ‘Just a Drop’ and to prepare the launch of “Blu Planet” this month, a brand-wide focus in all Radisson Blu Hotels and Resorts on conserving and protecting the earth’s water supply. The “Blu Planet” program aims to provide clean drinking water for life to 12,000 children annually through the ‘Just a Drop’ partnership.

Inge Huijbrechts, Vice President, Responsible Business said, “We are really proud to instigate this global initiative to support communities that suffer a lack of clean drinking water and hope that this activity highlights to our guests and staff alike what millions of people across the globe experience every day in the search for clean water. We look forward to working with ‘Just a Drop’ in the future to drive our group-wide water sustainability initiative, helping to save this scarce natural resource.”

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