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Missoni Designs For Ecopump Range

December 4, 2013 10:04 pm Category: Latest News, Recycling A+ / A-


Hotel cosmetics producers, Group GM has partnered with iconic Italian fashion label Missoni launching the elegant, yet fully recyclable Ecopump.

Addressing the increasing level of expectations for hotels to reduce waste and improve their sustainability, Missoni’s cosmetics line will feature bath salts, soap, hand creams, and ecologically sound 300ml Ecopump dispensers. The Ecopump liquid hair and body gel dispensers offer guests a sustainable in room cosmetic option, which is proving a popular option for hotels looking to satisfy the increasing level of sustainable expectations from their guests.

“Having made its mark on how people dress with its colourful aesthetic vision, Missoni is seeking to further its impact on the style in which people live through this new hotel line,” said Laurent Marchand, President of Groupe GM.

“We are delighted they have chosen to partner with us as they continue to expand their horizons into the world of hospitality and leisure,” he said.

Group GM’s line of Missoni cosmetics will feature the unmistakable geometric stripes and zigzag designs synomymous with the Italian luxury brand. Missoni has been a sought after and highly regarded luxury fashion label since the 1950’s. Over the decades, Missoni has produced limited ranges of various consumer products including homewares, bottled water, and even children’s prams.

Missoni signed an agreement with Rezidor Hotel Group in 2005 to create 30 hotels to be branded Hotel Missoni. To date, Hotel Missoni properties are operating in Edinburgh and Kuwait.

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