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Marriott supports same-sex marriage

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If Springfield can, why not the rest of the USA. Marriott says yes to gay marriage

If Springfield can, why not the rest of the USA. Marriott says yes to gay marriage

Marriott International will join 378 other companies and organisations to support same-sex union in the US as the Supreme Court looks at outlawing the ban of gay marriage.

The hotel giant joins a list of US-based industrial heavyweights in lobbying the court to outlaw the ban of same-sex marriage in individual states, according to Bloomberg Business.

A friend-of-the-court brief is expected to be lodged this week, which argues that the states enforcing a prohibition on gay marriage “hamper employer efforts to recruit and retain the most talented workforce possible in those states.”

The friend-of-the-court brief allows parties that are not directly involved in the hearing to express their stance on the issue in the Supreme Court.

Marriott says the brief is in line with the company’s longstanding aim to be the “employer of choice” for all, and build upon the company’s support for marriage equality.

Marriott Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, David Rodriguez said, “As a longtime champion for diversity and inclusion for our employees and customers, we are pleased to join a growing peer group of American businesses across a number of industries taking part in a discussion on LGBT rights.”

“We hope that our collective efforts will help to educate the Court how the current state laws impact business and employee productivity.  Ultimately, Marriott wants to ensure that all of its employees continue to be treated fairly and equally.”

The ongoing arguments for both sides of the gay marriage debate will be heard in the Supreme Court over the next few months with an ruling expected to be announced by the end of June.

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