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Marriott on track for sustainability for 2020

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Marriott has shown big improvements in sustainability

Marriott has shown big improvements in sustainability

Marriott International has listed significant decreases in water use, energy consumption and carbon emissions amongst sustainable achievements in the company’s 2014 Sustainable Report, released this month.

Looking at progress against a 2007 baseline, Marriott showed a decrease of almost 13 per cent in water intensity, an 11 per cent drop in energy intensity, and a 12 per cent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Marriott has a goal of reducing water and energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2020.

“Our sustainability strategy is critical to the growth and success of our communities, our company, and our efforts to help protect our planet’s natural resources,” said Arne Sorenson, president and CEO of Marriott International

To accurately track the environmental footprint of each of Marriott International’s hotels, the company uses the Green Hotels Global tool. The tool tracks the environmental footprint of each hotel, including water and energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, recycling and various environmental practices.

Denise Naguib, vice president of sustainability and supplier diversity said, “We’re pleased that our sustainability performance is continuing to improve globally. In the U.S. nearly 50 percent of our portfolio recently earned TripAdvisor GreenLeader™ status thanks to our work and the use of tools like Green Hotels Global.”

“Our supply chain focus, which ties to our sustainability and commitment to diversity and inclusion, has also progressed with our achievement of 75 percent spend with sustainable suppliers through MindClick Global’s Sustainability Index for furniture, fixtures and equipment and $468 million in spend with diverse suppliers,” said Naguib.

Marriott’s consistent commitment to developing a skilled workforce is also featured in the report. The company is supporting youth employment programs such as its “World of Opportunity” charitable giving and workplace skills training program, The Ritz-Carlton’s “Succeed Through Service” program in 26 countries; the Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda, where Marriott has hired 40 young graduates; and the International Tourism Partnership Youth Career Initiative program in 10 countries.

“Creating a sustainable future means creating more jobs and stronger communities, a greater ‘world of opportunity’,” said Mari Snyder, vice president of social responsibility

“Our partnerships allow us to be a catalyst to address rising youth unemployment and help provide skills to prepare young people for the workplace. One of the company’s signature partners is the Marriott Foundation for People with Disabilities, a 501c3 nonprofit organisation that the Marriott family started with a model designed by Marriott associates to help urban youth with disabilities secure competitive jobs while helping employers source a talent pool of youth they may not have considered. Twenty-five years later, the Bridges program alone has served 20,000 youth,” said Snyder.

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