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Marriott Launches Recycled Bed Linen Designer Bags

December 4, 2013 9:54 pm Category: Latest News, Recycling A+ / A-


Marriott International has launched a limited edition tote bag made from 100 per cent recycled Marriott bed linen.

The first of its kind, Marriott has partnered with British social enterprise SleepingBags and UK luxury accessories brand, Lily and Lionel to produce the bags available online with Marriott donating at least half of every sales to UK youth charity, The Prince’s Trust.

The production of 1,000 bags is a collaborative project to create awareness for SleepingBag’s mission in reducing landfill.

“Marriott has a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and is delighted to launch the Lily and Lionel bag. Not only does the bag look good but it’s also a great example of how we are working with our suppliers to create sustainable products and reduce our environmental footprint,” said Barbara Powell, Senior Director of Social Responsibility for Marriott International.

Andy Marks, Founder & CEO of SleepingBags said, “If laid end-to-end, bed linen condemned by the world’s leading hotel chains in one year would go around the world more than twice. Re-imagining Marriott’s wonderfully soft bed linen to create this tote bag is an enchanting way of making people rethink what waste is. The bag looks great, feels great and has a story to tell.”

During the reinvention of the Marriott bed linen, the fabric is turned charcoal grey and receives an ethereal print design of birds in flight.

SleepingBags creates products from luxury hotel sourced bed linen, producing items such as tote bags, sleep wear and soft furnishings.

The Marriott tote bags are available for purchase for a limited time from Marriott’s online European shop for £20.

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