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Kids stay & eat healthy at Holiday Inn

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Healthy eating for kids is anything but boring at Holiday Inn

Healthy eating for kids is anything but boring at Holiday Inn

Making sure children eat well can be a challenge whilst travelling and staying in hotels. All too often the peace is kept by allowing a packet of chips here, and chicken nuggets there.

Recognising that nutritious meals and kid-friendly eating need to be compatible, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has joined forces with Nutrition Australia, a non-profit organisation inspiring healthy eating through nutrition education, to create a fun, but nutritionally-balanced children’s menu including meals such as veggie pitta burger and sushi rolls, that will be available in all Holiday Inn hotels and resorts throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa.

The new menus are based on a criteria developed by Nutrition Australia’s accredited practising dietitians, to ensure that all the Kids’ Menu dishes are nutritionally-balanced.

The kids menu range includes foods from the core food groups and are low in saturated fats, have low sugar and salt levels, and promote food variety. The meals offer a balance of vegetables,meat, whole grains and fruit or dairy, encouraging kids to eat a variety of healthy meals.

A set of 34 main meals (including 12 regional dishes), 7 desserts and 10 drinks have been developed in total to ensure that hotels from across the region can cater to local and international tastes. Each hotel hand-picks a smaller selection of dishes for their menu that is most suitable for the palates of their guests.

Some of the dishes on offer include Veggie Pitta Burger, Sushi Rolls, Nacho Bowl, Chicken Noodles, DIY Falafels and for dessert kids choose from favourites such as Apple Crumble, Fruit Popsicle and Banana Split, made with yoghurt instead of ice cream.

Lee Lin Teo, Brand Marketing Director, Holiday Inn Brand Family, AMEA, IHG said, “We know that travelling can make it hard for families to find healthy food for kids on the go. Part of the family appeal of Holiday Inn has always been its signature ‘Kids Stay & Eat Free’ program. This new Holiday Inn Kids Menu is part of our work to enhance that programme by providing nutritious meals presented in a fun way.

“But it’s about more than just the food on their plates. This is part of a wider improvement in how we look after kids when they are eating in our restaurants, ensuring they have a fun dining experience from start to finish – from how they are greeted when they enter the restaurant and how the menu looks, down to the colourful utensils they use.”

The Holiday Inn Kids’ Menu will be available in all Holiday Inn hotels and resorts across Asia, Middle East and Africa by the end of 2015.

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