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IHG update CR targets

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IHG are right on track with their CR commitments

IHG are right on track with their CR commitments

IHG has announced an updated 2013 to 2017 Corporate Responsibility (CR) targets progress report which aims to increase sustainability measures such as a lower carbon footprint and reduced water usage.

IHG began implementing CR targets in September 2013 in an effort to reinforce the company’s long-term commitment to the environment. The targets were designed to measure the global hotel group’s impact on the environment and in local communities using IHG’s three core CR programs -IHG Green Engage™ system; IHG® Academy and IHG® Shelter in a Storm.

Richard Solomons, Chief Executive of IHG commented: “At IHG we have the global scale to be able to make a positive impact on the world around us. Doing the right thing for the environment and in the local communities where we operate remains central to our business.  We are proud of the progress we have delivered on our CR targets and are ambitious about what we can achieve in the future.”

According to a company statement, IHG’s group-wide online sustainability system, IHG Green Engage™, helps us to address issues such as climate change, water scarcity and environmental degradation. It allows hotels to measure and report on their carbon footprint and utility consumption, recommending more than 200 ‘Green Solutions’ to help hotels deliver greater sustainability. The system also enables hotels to create environmental action plans and targets, and generates energy savings of up to 25 per cent for the average hotel.

IHG’s 2013 to 2017 targets include:

Reducing its carbon footprint per occupied room by 12 per cent, and a water reduction per occupied room in water-stressed areas by 12 per cent.

Amongst its key achievements in 2014, the company cites its Green Engage™ program announced as a brand standard, with the company’s entire estate now enrolled in the system, and clearly demonstrating its commitment to protecting the environment. IHG also identifies more than 20,000 green solutions were implemented through the IHG Green Engage™ system, and nearly 75,000 since its launch. The company also demonstrated a 3 per cent reduction in carbon footprint per occupied room, and a 4.2 per cent reduction in water use per occupied room in water-stressed areas.


IHG’s track record in sustainable communities during the year used the close links between its success and the wellbeing of those who work in and around our hotels, and making a positive difference in local communities. During 2014 IHG offered relief to colleagues and local communities affected by disasters, with IHG® Shelter in a Storm.

IHG’s 2014 Responsible Business Report is available online at www.ihgplc.com/responsiblebusiness

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