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Hotel green rating system in UAE pipeline

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The UAE hotel green rating system is looking at a spring clean.

The UAE hotel green rating system is looking at a spring clean.

A new green energy rating system, which would include energy efficiency and water conservation is being considered for the hotel industry in the UAE, Middle East English newspaper, TheNational has reported.

A building sustainability rating system called the Estidama Pearl Rating System that “encourages water, energy and waste minimisation, local material use and aims to improve supply chains for sustainable and recycled materials and products” will possibly be used in the hotel environmental sustainability model by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Cultural Authority (TCA).

Nasser Al Reyami, TCA Abu Dhabi director of tourism standards told The National that the system currently in operation uses a sliding scale and rating accommodation between one to five stars within a standard, superior or deluxe category. The new system would include factoring in the reporting of the environmental and sustainable treatment of water, energy, waste, and health and safety issues.

“An upgrade to this one-of-a-kind system is now in the pipeline”, Al Reyami said in the report.

“This soon-to-be-launched system will incorporate several new aspects, including a category for exceptional properties, which are deemed to be superior to the normal five-star criteria, will introduce new categories such as beach hotels and airport hotels, and will also absorb TCA Abu Dhabi’s Green Hotel guidelines.”

The UAE is taking a proactive approach to sustainability, and the region’s hotel industry has been part of the sustainable movement.

The UAE hotel industry is being advised on environmental practices, including sustainable seafood guidelines. Sustainable hotel practice workshops, which include waste recycling, indoor air and water management, and energy efficiency are also being conducted by TCA Abu Dhabi.

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