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Make mine a sustainable latte

July 30, 2015 12:45 pm Category: Food, Latest News, Recycling A+ / A-
The coffee pod display system is 100% recyclable

The coffee pod display system is 100% recyclable

On the upside, coffee pods are proving to be a convenient method of supplying excellent coffee to guests, but on the downside, the miniature plastic pods are creating yet another environmental waste problem.

With sustainability and recycling in mind, North American plastics firm has launched a recyclable plastic guest room display system designed for the hotel industry, that will provide a more sustainable display caddy for the popular coffee concept.

AP Plastics has launched its 4 and 6 hole (SCF4 & SCF6) K-Cup® holders as part of their proprietary Guest Room Single Cup Display System. The new display system will be made available in August this year.

Using all-reprocessed and recyclable plastic, the displays are shipped flat and are constructed using a click-to-open system that allows for less packaging and cheaper shipping expenses.

“With the Hotel industry commitment to green sourcing, finding appropriate sustainable single cup amenities has been problematic. The new SCF K-CupⓇ holders, paired with our in-room brewer trays, are the perfect solution,” says Darren Warner, Marketing Director, AP Plastics Inc.

The design also allows hotels to add promotional messages or changes in brand identification.

“Use them stand-alone to complement legacy amenities, or as part of our modular system of sustainable guest room brewer trays”, says Warner.

The brewer trays have built-in compartments to organise condiments & accessories – making a complete guest room display system when paired with the SCF K-CupⓇ Holders.

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