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Hilton Al Ain installs food composting machines

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Food composting machines make sustainable sense for hotels

Food composting machines make sustainable sense for hotels

Hilton Al Ain has delivered a commitment towards a sustainable and eco-friendly environment with the installation of the first ever small size food composting machines within the Hilton Worldwide. The machines were installed after participating in the Hilton Worldwide Travel with Purpose 2015 Program.

Food waste is one of the major challenges among the hospitality industry. As a hotelier, the property has to embrace sustainability as a lifestyle and not only a single action. Food waste cannot be avoided 100 percent, but surely it can be turned into a valuable resource. Therefore Hilton Al Ain considers the food waste as an asset, for the very reason of it, being the source of life.

Jacques Claudel, general manager, Hilton Al Ain, said: “Adopting the method of converting the food waste into the rich organic compost, which can be utilized for growing plants and help in maintaining lush-green landscapes, makes us feel like an eco-human! We are thankful for the Travel with Purpose 2015 Program which helped us bring the idea alive.”

The Green Good Oklin food waste decomposition system is designed for rapid composting performance (aerobic composting), using an energy-efficient and automated control process. The system employs high temperature microorganisms to decompose food waste and organic matter. This is accomplished without the need for repeated additions of microorganisms or other additives to the composting chamber. It reduces the food waste, as much as 90 percent volume in 24 hours, and converts into an organic compost. This organic compost can be used as a soil amendment suitable for landscaping, gardening or for the organic garden.

With the help of these composting machines, Hilton Al Ain will go green and fresh. This project will have a significant effect on the environment and will be working for the cause of economy, community, health and sanitation.

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