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Golf goes on par with sustainability

February 19, 2015 2:56 pm Category: Biodiversity, Latest News, Middle East A+ / A-
Now you can feed your golfing habit and the fish

Now you can feed your golfing habit and the fish

The dubious sustainability of driving golf balls into pristine ocean waters has been pushed from the thoughts of many a zealous golfing traveller. However a Dubai hotel has come up with an eco alternative that keeps both resort frequenting golfers happy, and marine life too.

Sofitel The Palm Dubai has launched a sustainable golfing experience that allows golfers to happily whack biodegradable Ecobio golf balls into the ocean, Arabian Business reports.

Made by Albusgolf, Ecobioballs are 100 per cent biodegradable, with the core of the golf ball being compressed fish food. The non-toxic certified golf balls begin to dissolve once they make contact with water. Within 48 hours, the Ecobioball’s outer shell completely breaks down, allowing marine life to access the fish food core.

Sofitel The Palm recreation manager Eugene Swart said the fun of driving golf balls into the ocean can now be experienced without the guilt of polluting the ocean and harming marine life.

“The ocean is the perfect expanse in which to drive golf balls, and supports our living values of environmental sustainability through Ecobioballs,” Swart said.

“So while you’re enjoying a challenging game of golf, you are also providing food for our local marine life. Even if you’re not a golfer or the next US Masters champion, you can still enjoy a fun game of golf by the beach.”

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