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Electrolux Professional Laundry Receives Energy Stars

October 26, 2013 1:46 pm Category: Accreditation, Latest News, Laundry, Water A+ / A-

Electrolux Professional H Series Washer

Electrolux Professional Laundry has announced its range of commercial High Spin Washers up to 20kg have received Energy Star ratings.

A joint program between the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US, Energy Star’s aim is to provide customers with guidelines regarding energy efficient products.

The Electrolux range incorporates minimized wash times, without compromising the quality of the wash results, a reduction in water usage, and flexible, ergonomic performance.

Electolux’s High Spin Washer can complete a wash and dry cycle in under 50 minutes, creating the ability for coin laundry owners to generate more business, and on premises laundry operators to save time and money while increasing production.

With a reduction in water usage, operational cost savings of up to 70 per cent are achievable, at the same time as reducing the environmental footprint.

The Professional Laundry designs feature the user-friendly Compass Pro interface. The intuitive interface provides customized laundry solutions for coin laundries and hotels, providing a range of more than 20 languages in the H-series washers. The Compass Pro Interface also features a USB port to facilitate installation of the latest software updates and a real time clock for time of day pricing or delayed start (Smart Start).

Energy Star was established in 1992. Products achieving Energy Star ratings must comply with strict conditions ensuring it contributes significant measurable energy savings before achieving the rating.

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