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Eco Pen at SIngapore ibis

October 26, 2013 1:53 pm Category: Asia, Latest News, Recycling, SEA A+ / A-

Eco Pen

ibis Singapore on Bencoolen has introduced the Eco-Pen, made from recycled newspaper and replacing traditional plastic pens used in the hotel.

The introduction of the pen is another move by ibis Bencoolen to increase the property’s level of recycling, lower the amount of plastic used and add to improving conditions for low-income communities.

The hotel also sees the pen as a tool to engage and invite guests to join in the sustainable efforts of the ibis Bencoolen.

Pierre-Etienne Demontgrand, ibis Singapore on Bencoolen General Manager said, “The Eco-Pen helps us put a small dent in the hotel’s plastic consumption and gives used newspapers a new life. More importantly, however, we see the pen as a powerful tool to help us engage guests on sustainability.”

“Initial reactions of guests and colleagues have been enthusiastic. We hope that the Eco-Pen will inspire guests to be more sustainable in their daily lives – by recycling, for example.”

The Eco-Pen is part of Accor’s ‘A Tree for a Child’ program, which creates socially responsible and sustainable income sources for local low-income communities.

The introduction of the Eco-Pen will add to the program, aiming to improve the standard of living of families by employing 25 mothers and enabling them to supplement their income to around eight per cent higher than the average wage outside the community.

In 2012, ibis Bencoolen implemented Planet 21, Accor’s sustainable development program. The program will see the implementation and commitment of sustainable actions such as a 15 per cent reduction in water consumption, a 10 per cent increase in energy efficiency and an outright ban on endangered fish, such as shark’s fin by 2015.

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