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Conrad Bali introduces soap recycling initiative

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Conrad Bali now recycling soap

Conrad Bali now recycling soap

Hilton’s Conrad Bali has launched a soap recycling project which aims to add to the resort’s efforts to reuse and recycle products and reduce landfills under the property’s RePurpose program. A further benefit from the recycling initiative is the positive contribution toward combating hygiene-related diseases in underprivileged Balinese communities.

Conrad Bali general manager Jean-Sebastien Kling, said, “This initiative reinforces our efforts to reduce waste output and strengthen communities in Bali – two core pillars of our corporate responsibility strategy. Through this initiative we aim to increase environmental awareness and personal ownership among our stakeholders and enable our guests to make sustainable choices when they travel.”

Soap for Hope is a corporate-community partnership with Role Foundation’s Bali Wise program, a non-profit organisation that up skills women through training. At Role’s campus, the foundation has established a small self-sustaining soap-processing centre. The soap is thoroughly sanitised, processed and molded into new bars and distributed to communities.

The first collection of 2.5kg was gathered from Conrad Bali. Diversey, a sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions firm delivered a soap recycling machine. A total of 35 newly produced bars of soap was then distributed to a local orphanage.

“Conrad Bali has a history of working closely with local communities in Bali because we feel it is our responsibility to do so. It is something we cherish and will continue to do as a long term cornerstone of our operating philosophy,” said Mr Kling

Most soap bars will be distributed free through the soap buy-back program, via the partnership between Conrad Bali, Diversey and ROLE Foundation. ROLE will then sell the remaining recycled soap to local charities, schools and nonprofits to generate income for the enterprise and ensure the important training activities of the foundation will continue for the local community.

Conrad Bali has made a one-year commitment to implement, monitor and evaluate the project’s sustainability and effectiveness.

In December last year the Conrad Macao Cotai Central was named the World’s Leading Green Hotel at the World Travel Awards in Doha, Qatar. Energy saving a recycling formed part of the property’s green credentials earning the award, including soap recycling.

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