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Cintas Launches New Plant-based Industry Apparel

May 8, 2014 9:31 am Category: Design, Latest News, Laundry, Recycling A+ / A-

Cintas Corporation has introduced its new plant-based apparel range, AR Red Suiting Collection.

In addition to recycled polyester and wool, the apparel collection uses Sorona by DuPont, a renewably sourced fibre derived with a naturally occurring starch that reduces carbon emissions made in its manufacturing by up to 63 per cent on traditional manufacturing processes.

The apparel collection for men and women was designed in collaboration with Austin Reed brand.

“Cintas is committed to identifying sustainable options that not only lessen the impact of our manufacturing processes, but also allow our customers to reduce their environmental footprint,” said Melanie Boyle, Manager of Sustainability, Cintas Corporation.

“Our partnership with Austin Reed has resulted in environmentally friendly and fashionable garments that blend functionality, comfort and innovation.”

The collection includes blazers, slacks, skirts and pants, with the blazers being fully lined with breathable Aerocool technology.

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