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Carnival Cruises reduces CO2 despite report card

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Carnival is ahead of time in CO2 reductions

Carnival is ahead of time in CO2 reductions

Carnival Corporation has announced it has achieved a 20 per cent CO2 emissions reduction from shipboard operations, a year ahead of schedule. However, a recent “report card” on the cruise industry has highlighted areas where Carnival and other cruise companies still need to improve their environmental efforts.

Carnival released its 2013 Sustainability Report identifying the cruise company’s sustainability initiatives that helped it achieve its reduction of carbon emissions ahead of its initial plan.

Sustainability implementations including energy reduction and conservation initiatives, many of which exceeded current regulations attributed to the impressive CO2 drop.

As a part of its air emission reduction initiatives announced in September 2013, Carnival pioneered an industry-first effort to develop ground-breaking exhaust gas cleaning technology, called ECO-EGC™, that removes pollutants from the exhaust gases at any operating condition of a ship – at sea, during manoeuvring and in port.  Carnival Corporation is currently installing the systems on its fleet with plans for installations on more than 70 per cent of its fleet, representing a significant advancement in environmental technology and reduced air emissions.

Friends of the Earth’s Cruise Ship Report Card has identified areas where Carnival and other cruise lines are falling short and could make improvements.

The environmental organisation put 167 cruise ships that can carry over 8,000 passengers, and operated by 16 major cruise lines to the test. Categories such as sewage treatment, air pollution reduction, transparency and water quality compliance were put under the microscope.

Amongst the 16 cruise lines being judged, Disney Cruise Line performed the best achieving an overall C+ report which included an A for sewage treatment, B- for air pollution reduction, an A for water quality and falling short with an F for transparency – a grade which all of the cruise operators received. Carnival were graded with an F for sewage treatment and a D for air pollution, and receiving an overall report rating of D. The worst performing cruise operator in the group graded was P&O Cruises which received an overall F grade.

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