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Carlson Rezidor joins G(irls)20 female leadership campaign

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Carlson Rezidor G(irls)20 effort to promote young women into leadership roles

Carlson Rezidor G(irls)20  promoting young women into leadership roles

Carlson Rezidor has announced it will sponsor the G(irls)20 Father’s Day Campaign, which aims to cultivate female leaders.

The social profit organisation G(irls)20 strives to build a new generation of female leaders. Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group will act as sponsors for the group’s global initiative, “Fathers Empowering Daughters”.

The campaign, which is being launched in the run up to the world leaders meeting at the G20 in Australia, celebrates the powerful force fathers can play in the advancement of their daughters.

A meeting of 24 girls from across the world will look at how to economically engage and empower girls and women to achieve growth goals globally and in their own respective countries. The campaign calls on fathers from around the world to showcase the ways in which they empower their daughters to succeed and achieve and encourages daughters to share stories about how their fathers have empowered them.

Fathers and daughters from around the world will share their stories in a series of self-recorded videos within the campaign. The project showcases high profile fathers such as Richard Branson, Ziauddin Yousafzai (Malala’s father) and well-known daughters including Chelsea Clinton and Shakira.

“My two daughters inspire me every day, and I want to empower them to follow their dreams and pursue their ambitions. Empowerment is not an act, but an attitude – it is all about embracing the opportunities of life. I have the same approach as a father and as a CEO: I want to empower women in leadership at the Rezidor Hotel Group. We are committed to doubling the number of female leaders by 2016 and to changing the paradigms in the male dominated hospitality industry”, said Wolfgang Neumann,  President & CEO of the Rezidor Hotel Group.

Founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, father to Holly Branson said, “Give them the freedom to do what they want to do with their life.” Mr Branson urges men to “treat all their children equally.”

“It is so sad that in some places in the world, daughters are treated as second class citizens and that’s got to be put right. People cannot use religion as an excuse, that is certainly not what the people who originally set out their religions would have wanted, so just treat all your children equally,” he said.

Farah Mohamed,  Founder & CEO of G(irls)20 and the creator of Fathers Empowering Daughters said, “This campaign engages men in a unique, personal and meaningful way.”

“Fathers can play an important role in encouraging daughters to realise their dreams, no matter how big or small, and this Father’s Day we celebrate that.” said Mr Mohamed.

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