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Big three ban Big five

August 7, 2015 12:46 pm Category: Aviation, Biodiversity, Latest News A+ / A-
Born free? I think not.

Born free? I think not.

In the public wake of disgust following the published photographs of dentist and big game hunting enthusiast Dr Walter Palmer with Cecil, a beloved black-maned lion that was reportedly lured from a protected sanctuary in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, three airlines have said no the transportation of the ‘big five’.

The ‘big five’ is a collective term for the set of large African animals most desired by trophy hunters which include buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhinoceros.

American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines have now all announced a ban on transporting animal trophies to the US in place. The ban to transport the dead animals between Africa and the US comes after a petition signed by nearly 400,000 people urged the US airlines to ban importations of big five skins and body parts.

According to a TIME report, South African Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa and Emirates have all stopped freighting such trophies.

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