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10pc of Travellers Will Pay $50 More for Eco Rooms

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Travellers from China are the biggest supporters of sustainable hotels according to a recent survey by Agoda.com.

The online survey conducted in March this year looked at feedback from 57,000 Agoda customers about their attitudes to environmental efforts by the hotel industry.

Travellers from China proved to be the most enthusiastic about choosing a hotel by factoring in the environmentally friendly inclusions. When it came to opening their wallets though, the survey found that only 22 per cent of respondents would pay $10 or more per night to stay in a sustainable hotel.

Overall though, just under 10 per cent of survey respondents said they would be willing to pay $50 or more for eco-friendly inclusions in a hotel. More than 30 per cent of those surveyed said they would be willing to pay between $5 and $10 per night for a hotel that claims to be environmentally friendly.

Amongst other respondents based in Asia and the Pacific, 76 per cent of travellers from the Philippines said they would be more likely to stay in an eco-friendly hotel, followed by 74 per cent from Vietnam, 68 per cent from Macau, 67 per cent from India and 42 per cent from Australia saying they would favour environmentally friendly hotels.

The environmentally sustainable practices included by hotels that appeared to gain the most favour from the travellers surveyed were 37.3 per cent selecting recycling as their most popular sustainable effort. As respondents were allowed to select as many green aspects as they wanted from a list of eight common practices, environmentally conscious construction and design was next on the priority list at 36.8 per cent, with waste reduction following at 36.1 per cent, pollution prevention at 35.7 per cent, water conservation at 32 per cent, electricity conservation at 25.4 per cent, and lastly, the reuse of towels and sheets gathering a vote of 24.9 per cent.

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