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Sustainable hotel and tourism practices are now a game changer in the Asia Pacific hotel sector. Expectations from guests to receive luxury accommodation whilst minimizing the negative impacts on the environment are now commonplace.

Of the five per cent of total global CO2 emissions accredited to the world’s tourism and travel industry, twenty per cent is created by the accommodation sector, according to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

Those staggering figures account for the growing expectations from guests for hotel operators, owners and developers to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their social and environmental impact.

Sustainable Hotel News offers industry participants and travellers the latest clean energy initiatives, social and corporate responsibility programs, positive environmental practices, and architecture and design news, being implemented in the Asia Pacific Hotel Industry, in accessible bite-sized news stories.

In a fortnightly newsletter and website, Sustainable Hotel News offers a unique portal designed to directly deliver readers the fast evolving face of the Asia Pacific’s Sustainable Hotel News.

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